A NEW job, a contract, is this the perfect life?

The NEW job

Since 3 weeks I have my 9th job since I started wandering in 2009. I must say I definitely found a passion in customer service. This all came naturally when working in the outdoor business and taking care of big groups doing awesome activities. During the years working in Argentina, Chile, Barbados and Spain my skills developed and a dream to open a hostel one day came a life. Now I am trying to gather as much experience as I can, and hopefully save enough money to make that dream come true, one day…

”Hi, I’m Lars. Supervisor at the brand new BAZARA – cafe|bar|restaurant located at Maroubra Beach”

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When Maroubra turns XXL

North end Maroubra. Photo: Mariel Godoy Larenas | Maroubra Surfing Photography

North end Maroubra. Photo: Mariel Godoy Larenas | Maroubra Surfing Photography

Last week swell hit the south-east coast beaches of Australia and the consistent beach breaks what show every day nice 2-3ft brakes turned into a massive show of giant sets hitting shore…

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Let me show you life in PARADISE!

In between very busy days here in Sydney I want to show you the place I call home, yes come on in…

” …Have a walk in  P A R A D I S E! ”

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A new home, light shows, running from A to B, sharks and a beach life!

Lars at a Me

Lars inside the mouth of a Megalodon (CLICK !!)

A new beginning, feeling right at home!

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Immigration screwed me, I wasn´t allowed to leave Chile!

Mariel & Lars minutes before customs

Mariel & Lars minutes before going through

´´Sir, you have overstayed your visa by 1 day. Because of that you are not allowed to leave the country´´

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